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Add Hemp To Your Diet

by Teri Sprouse December 5, 2016

Hemp seeds are one of the new darlings of the health food world and when you take a look at their nutritional profile, you understand why. Hemp is known for its ideal concentrations of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids(1-3 ratio)  which have the potential to beneficially influence heart disease and improve skin issues.  Hemp seeds contain all […]

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Tips for Healthy Digestion

by Teri Sprouse November 27, 2016

My holiday season kicked off with a bang this week.  My family enjoyed an amazing meal with good family friends, my older son returned from college and we spent quality time on a very wet hike on Thanksgiving day.  Most of our Thanksgiving meal was lovingly prepared by my friend’s step dad and while it […]

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Tips to Survive the Holiday Party Season

by Teri Sprouse November 20, 2016

The Holiday season is upon us and for many of us with it comes parties, alcohol and a departure from our normal eating habits!  Why is it when it is on a beautiful tray, on a table filled with other treat laden beautiful trays does food I would never consider eating suddenly sound good?  (And […]

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Add Prebiotics for Awesome Gut Health

by Teri Sprouse November 14, 2016

Probiotics for gut health are all the rage in the nutrition world.  Everyone is talking about eating yogurt, sauerkraut and kimchee  and drinking kombucha to introduce those vital,  “good bugs” to your gut.  Lately, however, the science community has been buzzing about prebiotics to help nourish the healthy bacteria already in your gut.  For healthy […]

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Foods to Aid Hormone Balance

by Teri Sprouse November 7, 2016

It has been a beautiful Fall day here in Portland, reminding me to get outside and take advantage of the natural source of Vitamin D the sun offers.  Soon the sun will feel like a distant memory so I feel like I need to soak up as much as possible while I can.  Recently other […]

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Buying Organic

by Teri Sprouse October 30, 2016

People often lament to me the high cost of organic fruits and vegetables.  I definitely feel their pain.  I know my grocery bill has significantly increased since I began focusing on buying organic.  However, I do feel buying organic is important to decrease our exposure to harmful toxins for ourselves, the environment and the farmers […]

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Lifestyle Changes to Boost Immunity

by Teri Sprouse October 24, 2016

After last week’s post about how to boost immunity with food, I wanted to spend this week talking about lifestyle changes we can incorporate into our lives to help improve our immune systems.  I am a big believer in trying to look at all the possible factors that contribute to our health.  Below are some […]

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Foods to Fight the Winter Blues

by Teri Sprouse October 16, 2016

The weather has taken a decided turn here in Portland this weekend.  It is hard to believe a week ago I was sweating on the side of a baseball field and today I am hunting around for my fleece before I head out to yoga.  As we move into this period of cold, wet, grey […]

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Foods to Boost Immunity: Part One

by Teri Sprouse October 16, 2016

We are experiencing crazy, crazy weather here in Portland!  I hope everyone is remaining safe and dry!  As the weather has changed, I have had more and more people talk to me about being sick.  With that in mind, it seemed liked a good time to start a series on how to boost your immune […]

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Focus on Eggs

by Teri Sprouse September 25, 2016

Unfortunately, over the years, eggs have been a much maligned food.  Due to their yolk’s high cholesterol level, doctors and other health professionals have advocated limiting their consumption, particularly for people with high cholesterol.  These recommendations are unfortunate because eggs offer many health benefits and their impact on cholesterol is not clear cut.  Eggs are […]

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