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5 Healthy Halloween Tips and Tricks

by abbybwhite October 26, 2014

Good Morning and Happy Halloween Week! Is everyone geared up for Halloween?  My kids are piped up and ready to bring on the candy. As you can imagine, this is not my favorite holiday.  I am all for celebrating and having fun, but the sheer amount of candy that comes into our home is a […]

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Top 5 Foods to Balance Hormones, Boost Metabolism and Lose Weight, naturally

by abbybwhite October 19, 2014

Good Afternoon and Happy Sunday! I hope you are enjoying this lovely afternoon.  It is absolutely beautiful here in Portland today. As a Health and Hormonal Balance Coach, I am often asked what Foods and Supplements help balance those crazy hormones ,so I thought I would share my Top 5 with you today. I must […]

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Beat the Cold & Flu Season with these Immune Boosting Foods

by abbybwhite October 12, 2014

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! I hope you have been enjoying the beautiful FALL weather. Today I want to talk about how you can beat the cold and flu season by boosting your immune system. There are quite a few reasons why people tend to get sick more easily during the “Cold & Flu” season. […]

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Love the Body You Have

by abbybwhite October 3, 2014

Good Afternoon and Happy Thursday Everyone! Today I want to talk about loving the body that you have. I just got the October issue of the Self Magazine which contains The Best Bodies in the WORLD.  Of course, I could not wait to dive in and see who had these bodies and what they DO […]

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Seasonal Food Focus: Root Vegetables

by abbybwhite September 25, 2014

Good Morning and Happy Friday! It is officially FALL and I am so excited.  I love the change of seasons and the bounty that it brings.  Especially all the wonderful ROOT Vegetables. Root Vegetables The roots of any plant are its anchor and foundation; they are the essential parts that support and nourish the plant. […]

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Post-Workout Replenishers

by abbybwhite September 18, 2014

Good Morning Everyone! I had this killer workout the other day at The Refinery, of course.  Thank you Ashleigh for kicking my butt! Anyhow, it was awesome! I felt like I had toned every muscle in my body. You’ve done those kinds of workouts too, right? You can feel yourself get leaner and meaner by […]

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Why Detox in Fall + Refinery20 Discount

by abbybwhite September 12, 2014

Good Afternoon and Happy Friday Everyone! I am super excited to announce that registration is now OPEN for The Bliss Method Fall into Balance 15-Day Detox and I am offering a special discount to all of you – that show up and work out at the Refinery! Go to  then place your order for […]

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3 Foods to Naturally De-bloat and Get your Glow On!

by abbybwhite September 7, 2014

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Did you survive the first week back to school?  I hope so. Fall is upon us and I, for one, am super excited about it.  I am looking forward to getting back into a routine. This week I wanted to share my secret  “quick and dirty’ way to drop a […]

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Join the Green Smoothie Revolution

by abbybwhite August 31, 2014

Good Afternoon and Happy Labor Day Weekend! If you’ve been on Pinterest or Instagram for any amount of time, you’ve probably seen a decent number of green smoothie pictures floating around. I am guilty of posting mine :  )   You can check them out at Why is that? Because they’re so darn good for […]

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Do you Meditate? Try this One Minute Meditation

by abbybwhite August 24, 2014

Good Evening and Happy Weekend! Today, I want to talk about Meditation. Yes, I am a yogi.  And yes, I feel that adding a meditation practice to your daily life is important because it: Reduces Stress Increases Immunity Lowers Blood Pressure Anti-Inflammatory Promotes a sense of Peace and Calm I also think it makes people […]

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