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Ditch the Sugar in Your Diet

by Teri Sprouse August 28, 2016

With all the recent research being released about the detrimental effects of sugar on the body, many people are looking to reduce their sugar consumption.  Excessive sugar consumption has been shown to lead to insulin resistance, increased stomach fat, increased inflammation in the body and a suppressed immune system.  Unfortunately, for people eating a Standard American Diet […]

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Five Steps To a More Sustainable Life

by Teri Sprouse August 19, 2016

Eat Seasonally:  Eating food that is currently in season for your part of the world helps to reduce pollution.  When you live in the Pacific Northwest and buy a nectarine in the middle of January, you can be sure it was not grown locally.  Food that travels a long way  requires more energy and has […]

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Good Foods for Workout Recovery

by Teri Sprouse August 14, 2016

Most of us here at the Refinery love getting our sweat on on a regular basis.  Nothing feels better than leaving The Warrior on Saturday morning after burning out my legs with Mari’s endless squats.  People often ask me what are the best foods for recovery after an intense workout.  Most of us are hoping […]

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The Goodness of Tomatoes

by Teri Sprouse August 7, 2016

As we move towards the end of summer, I am loving the bounty of the summer fruits and vegetables.  No fruit says summer more to me than tomatoes.  I love that you can have a single bush on your back porch and be overwhelmed with yummy goodness.  As well as being tasty, tomatoes also offer […]

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Sweat Like a Pig

by Teri Sprouse July 25, 2016

When I was a girl growing up in the South, sweating was not considered lady like.  An old saying I would hear is “Girls don’t sweat, they glow”.  Sweating was avoided at all costs.   Now for anyone who has spent even a speck of time in the South in the Summer, you know how […]

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Focus on Avocados

by Teri Sprouse July 17, 2016

Recently, I have noticed an increased interest in avocados.  It seems they are the new super food.  In the past, back in the low fat crazed days, avocados were avoided due to their high fat content but now that people are realizing how necessary fat is for our bodies, avocados are enjoying a popularity surge. […]

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5 Great Road Trip Snacks

by Teri Sprouse July 11, 2016

Summer  has been a little slow to come this year but it still seems everyone is on the move.  People are visiting family, headed to the beach or checking out the National Parks.  I can’t wait til we get to hit the road.  Beyond the hassles of packing, boarding the dog and planning the trip, […]

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Looking for A Good Night’s Sleep?

by Teri Sprouse June 27, 2016

Many in today’s population are suffering from a lack of sleep.  The majority of people report difficulty falling or staying asleep on a regular basis.  Sleep is an important part of a healthy life.  Our body uses our sleeping hours to repair damage, rebalance hormone levels and engage in physical healing and maintenance.  Sleep deprivation […]

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Vitamin D: The Sunshine Vitamin

by Teri Sprouse June 12, 2016

With the meat of summer quickly approaching now is the the time for us to stock up on our Vitamin D.  Vitamin D is often called the “sunshine vitamin” because our body needs exposure to sunlight for its production.  These days, people are spending more time inside and even when they do go outside, are slathering […]

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Five Small Changes for Big Health Gains

by Teri Sprouse May 29, 2016

Friends and family are always asking me for recommendations about how to improve their health.  While I want to be helpful by providing that life changing, magic answer, what I try to remind people is that it is often the little things they do on a daily basis that make the most difference.  For most […]

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