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Start Your Day Off Right with the Morning Elixir

by abbybwhite April 19, 2015

Good Afternoon and Happy Sunday Everyone! It is another absolutely GLORIOUS day here in Portland and I am so excited to get outside and enjoy this warm and sunny weather. But first I want to talk about the infamous Morning Elixir that I include in all of my seasonal detoxes.  Don’t worry!  You don’t have […]

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Seasonal Spring Foods that Support Detox

by abbybwhite April 13, 2015

Good Morning and Happy Monday! Today I want to talk about the seasonal Spring foods that naturally cleanse your liver and support a harmonious body. Eating with the seasons supports detoxification. Below is a list of wonderful Spring foods that I recommend  adding to your diet: Artichoke: A wonderful choice for the liver and the gallbladder […]

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Spring Cleaning Time!

by abbybwhite April 5, 2015

Good Evening and Happy Easter and Passover Weekend! Spring is in the air, my friends and it is time to get ready for the shift in seasons. People like “stuff”. We tend to hold onto it year after year. We save and stock up on things that we don’t know what to do with anymore. […]

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5 Ways to Reduce Your Toxic Load + The Bliss Spring Fling 14-Day Detox

by abbybwhite March 30, 2015

Good Morning and Happy Monday! I am so excited to tell you about ways you can decrease the toxic load in your life. I will never forget thinking I was super healthy – consuming green juices, smoothies and eating all the healthy foods I could get my hands on – but I had not given […]

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Dairy: Is it Healthy or Not?

by abbybwhite March 22, 2015

Good Morning and Happy Spring Break Everyone! I hope that you are spending some down time this week and getting a little rest and relaxation.  We are off to the beach (my happy place)  later this week and I am SO looking forward to it. So a Refinery client asked me to give her the […]

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Did you know there is 60 + names of SUGAR?

by abbybwhite March 16, 2015

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! This week we are going to continue diving into the subject of SUGAR. Did you know there are 60 names of sugar?  Wow! Before we embark on getting the sugar out of your life but keeping in the sweetness, take a look at this list. 60 NAMES FOR SUGAR Agave […]

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Did You Know that SUGAR is a Toxin?

by abbybwhite March 8, 2015

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! I hope you are enjoying yet another glorious weekend.  I know I have been talking about the weather a lot these past few weeks but I can’t help myself.  It is just so beautiful here in PDX right now. So today, I am going dive into one of my favorite […]

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The Good Stuff = The Green Stuff

by abbybwhite March 1, 2015

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! I hope you are enjoying this beautiful sunny SPRING weather.  The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming and the yards are green. All of this beautiful weather has reminded me of the good stuff,  Greens!  Glorious Greens. Leafy greens are some of the easiest and most beneficial vegetables to […]

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Super Simple Changes to Improve Overall Health

by abbybwhite February 22, 2015

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! I hope you have been enjoying this beautiful SPRING weather.  It truly is amazing! Today, I want to talk about some Super Simple Changes you can make for Overall Health.  Take a moment to think about someone super healthy.  What makes them seem super healthy to you?  Do they have […]

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Top 7 Plant Based Protein Sources

by abbybwhite February 15, 2015

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! I was asked to write about some of my favorite plant-based protein sources and I am more than happy to do it! If you have been eating animal protein and you want to eat more plant-based foods then this post is for YOU. Whether you are vegetarian or not, eating […]

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