Portland Personal Trainers


Ashleigh Kayser
Owner, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

As a trainer, Ashleigh focuses on strength, agility, and conditioning circuits along with building community and positive, personal connections with and among clients. A lifelong athlete and leader with a strong emphasis in team sports, she enjoys pushing herself beyond the comfort zone and encouraging others to do their personal best in physical endeavors.

Ashleigh holds a Masters in Teaching and a Bachelors in Theology and Spanish. Prior to motherhood, Ashleigh taught high school Theology and coached women’s varsity Basketball. Her second career was as a stay-at-home mother to her four children, Henry (16,) Atticus (14,) Forrest (12,) and Stella (9) It was as a mother that she became a consumer of personal training and has had a personal trainer consistently for the last 11 years to help meet her fitness goals and manage stress. She believes personal training keeps fitness a continual challenge and an evolving education on the capacity of the human body.

Ashleigh started The Refinery to provide a place in our community where adults and youth alike can come to sweat and smile, experience variety and camaraderie, build strength and endurance, and ultimately live lives filled with vitality and a sense of FUN!


Trevor Hollingsworth
Personal Trainer

Trevor has been working in Portland’s local fitness industry for the past 12 years and as a personal trainer for more than five.  He has helped hundreds of people successfully achieve their fitness goals and lose weight.

Starting his career in 2000, Trevor was the fitness director for the YMCA’s at-risk teen program.  He also coached and raced for the sport of Triathlon, as well as competing in many other adventure races and Cyclocross events around the Pacific Northwest.  Most recently, Trevor has authored and invented the “Slambell Training System:  the all-in-one ultimate fitness companion”.  He proudly joins The Refinery team with a strong record of commitment and loyalty to the local fitness community and to his clients.


Mari Trevillyan
Personal Trainer

Mari began her career as a personal trainer 12 years ago. Since then she has trained hundreds of people with varying fitness goals. Being a mother of three she understands the demands of balancing a busy schedule and staying healthy. She combines sound nutritional coaching with individualized training for each client to receive rapid and lasting results. Mari approaches training with a whole body philosophy emphasizing core strength and correct movement to prevent and repair injury. She is an avid cyclist and backpacker. NASM and Issa certified, apex master trainer.


Lyndsay Price
Running Coach & Personal Trainer

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.”

Lyndsay started her personal training career twelve years ago while attending the University of Oregon. While at the UofO, she obtained a bachelors degree in Exercise and Movement Science. Over the last 12 years she gained experience working with and training many different types of clients. She helps individuals rehab injuries, reach fitness goals, train for specific events, and increase strength and flexibility. Lyndsay prides herself in keeping her workouts fresh, challenging and fun! She is a runner and triathlete, capable of designing individual training plans for all levels of races and/or fun runs. When she isn’t training, you’ll find her at the beach surfing, or trail running with her dogs. In 2013, Lyndsay added yoga instruction to her professional education/certification.

“You get back what you give.”


Shaun Soleta
Personal Trainer

Shaun is a former collegiate baseball player with a degree from Iowa State University in Exercise and Sport Science.  He has been a trainer for the Miami Dolphins and Minnesota Timberwolves where he gained experience training elite athletes.  But Shaun’s true passion is the career he has developed as a personal trainer working with the general population.  He loves the diversity of the clients he now trains.  Some have competed in sporting events at the highest professional and amateur levels, while many others have seen a dramatic weight loss and a transformational change in their quality of life.  Whether its refining the athletic ability of an elite athlete or helping transform the body of a client looking for a better quality of life, Shaun loves to see the improvements his clients make from their dedication and hard work under his direction.  Shaun is committed to helping his clients attain their goals.

  • Iowa State University –Ames, Iowa
  • Bachelor of Science- Exercise and Sport Science
  •  Member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association
  • NSCA-CPT Certified
  • USAW Level 1 Certified
  • Under Armour Combine 360: Certified Trainer/ Testing Coordinator
  •  CPR-AED Certified


Leah Marshall
Personal Trainer/Office Manager

“Don’t let anything hold you back. If you put your mind to it, and your heart into it, you will end up exactly where you are meant to be.”

Leah grew up in Portland, Oregon and graduated from Portland State University. She moved on to New York where she lived and worked for a number of years before completing her Masters in International Education at New York University. Leah’s love affair with travel took her to Madrid, Spain where she taught English as a Second Language for a few years and toured nearby countries. Eventually she landed back in Portland and settled in. A lifetime fitness enthusiast, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, runner, swimmer, biker and yogi, Leah received her RYT 200 in 2013 and is in love with teaching yoga. Leah was a trainer in her previous life and is thrilled to start up again at The Refinery. She also manages The Refinery, her two kids and husband!


Christy Acuña

“If you are persistent you will get it, if you are consistent you will keep it!”

Christy began her career in the fitness industry 14 years ago.  She holds a degree in Exercise and Sport Science from Oregon State University where she also competed as a Division 1 athlete on the Women’s Crew Team.

Christy spent five years as the Corporate Wellness Manager for Hewlett-Packard where she lead health initiatives, personal training and taught group fitness classes. She has helped a spectrum of athletes reach their fitness goals whether it be training for a competition, losing weight or improving their physical health. Most recently Christy’s focus has been on teaching Barre for its quick results in both strength and flexibility.  She enjoys rock climbing, surfing and she and her dog, Oso, are avid hikers!


Justus Kimbrough

“Focus on the process and the goals become crystal clear. This is a lifestyle.”

Justus, a life-long athlete, has been a personal trainer for the last 7 years during which time he has had over 4,000 training sessions with a wide variety of clients ranging from young athletes to still aspiring seniors. His passion for fitness grows from his own love for competing in multiple sports including at collegiate and professional levels.  As a minor league baseball player, he learned first-hand how to train as an elite athlete and the importance of a well-rounded physical routine regardless of his client’s fitness goals.

Justus graduated with a degree in psychology and understands the mental component to personal training, physical fitness, and competition. He creates programs for his clients that focus on behavior, motivation, goal setting, and fun and that achieve results.  Justus is also a high school baseball and soccer coach, as well as a strength and conditioning coach in soccer and lacrosse.  He continues to enjoy playing baseball, soccer, basketball, softball and flag football.

Certifications: ACE personal trainer, ACE corrective exercise, NASM, Trx, National High School Coaches Association (NHCA).

katieKatie Surbook

“What should you train for?  Train for life!”

Katie is a life long lover of anything fitness. From winning the sit up contest in 3rd grade to dancing through high school to running a marathon in between her babies.  She was especially inspired at a young age by her grandfather, Tony Rizzo, Mr. Oregon, Bodybuilding Champion 1948.  Her passion for fitness and love for people lead her to personal training.  Her favorite part when training is when they realize they are stronger than they thought.  “I love to help people find their stronger.”

Katie Surbrook is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, with specialty education in TRX Training Systems and Sports Conditioning. She specializes in functional movements, strength and conditioning and has trained people of all ages and abilities.  She is currently the Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Clark College Women’s Soccer program in Vancouver, WA.  She loves working out at the Refinery and is over the moon about being part of the team!

Portland Physical Therapist

Julie McAllister, MSPT
Physical Therapist

Julie grew up in Eugene, Oregon, and did her undergraduate studies at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, where she received a BS in Psychology in 1987. She did her physical therapy training at Boston University, and graduated with a Master’s degree in 1991. Since that time, Julie has been practicing physical therapy in the outpatient orthopedic setting in East Portland. Julie has a long standing relationship with the Cascade Athletic Club.

In addition to providing traditional outpatient physical therapy services, Julie enjoys seeing a wide variety of patients and focuses on patient education and self care training. Her clinical focus is orthopedics. She specializes in lumbar stabilization training, running injuries, and knee and shoulder taping techniques and is well educated in a variety of manual therapy techniques. Julie plays on a women’s soccer team, enjoys trail running, reading and traveling with her husband and two sons.


Abby Bliss White
Certified Nutrition Educator

Abby Bliss White is a Health and Hormonal Balance Coach, yogi, personal trainer and all-around food geek.  Abby is the owner of Bliss Holistic Health.  She specializes in helping women balance their hormones, boost their metabolism, lose weight and feel happy, healthy and whole again. Based in Portland, Oregon, Abby assists clients nationwide via phone, email and Skype. Abby also provides virtual detoxes and group program. You can learn more about her work at: detoxwithabby.com

Her coaching philosophy is based on bio-individuality. Her passion is creating lifestyle transformations for her clients by teaching them how to best support their body through proper nutrition and exercise. Trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York, Abby has studied over 100 different dietary theories. She is also a certified Hormone Cure Coach through the Gottfried Institute. In addition to her academic training she also brings to her practice her own personal experiences, having overcome her own struggles with weight and digestive issues. Her work is about bringing your mind, body and spirit back into sync. Her mission is to bring JOY back to your life by teaching you to reconnect with yourself through food and body movement, in a positive and self-loving way.

Abby has helped hundreds of clients lose weight, get their hormones back on track, detox their bodies and feel totally ready to embrace life again.  She is head-over-heels in crazy love with what she does — and I think you will be too. Abby loves running, yoga, juicing and enjoying time with her wonderful husband and two children.