Protein, Fat and Fiber

by cassandra on January 14, 2013

To stabilize blood sugar, make sure your meals contain protein, fiber and healthy fat.

Insulin is a fat storage hormone, and is secreted any time we take in food. However, eating protein, fat and fiber at each meal causes insulin to rise much less than eating a carb-rich meal. While eating whole grain carbs is better than eating refined carbs (white bread, white rice and sugar), they all cause greater insulin release and more fat storage.

Now you likely know you should eat protein and fiber….but fat? Really?

Absolutely. Our bodies need fat to function, and the low-fat movement has caused some significant problems in this country. When health officials decided low-fat was the key to longevity in the 50’s, problems arose because of what we replaced fat with; quick burning carbs and sugars.

If you want to trigger satiety and lower blood sugar be sure to eat more healthy fat like avocados, eggs, coconut oil, olive oil, nuts, seeds and butter or ghee. Doing so will make it easier to avoid the quick-carbs and will make long-term weight loss easier to maintain.

To your best health!

Cassandra Mick, CNE.

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