Lifestyle Changes for Heart Health

by Teri Sprouse February 5, 2017

After last week’s post about foods to add to improve heart health, it seemed appropriate to add some ideas for other factors you can change to improve heart health.  These are all fairly simple lifestyle changes that can make a big difference in how your heart functions.  If tackling all of them at the same […]

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Lifestyle Changes to Boost Immunity

by Teri Sprouse October 24, 2016

After last week’s post about how to boost immunity with food, I wanted to spend this week talking about lifestyle changes we can incorporate into our lives to help improve our immune systems.  I am a big believer in trying to look at all the possible factors that contribute to our health.  Below are some […]

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5 Tips to STOP Holiday Stress Eating

by abbybwhite November 16, 2014

Good Evening and Happy Saturday! Are you surviving the cold snap?  The weather has shifted and the countdown to Thanksgiving is on! I don’t know about you but I can already feel the STRESS LEVELS rising due to the upcoming Holidays.  And we don’t want that! When people are stressed they often reach for food […]

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